Developing a Systematic Approach to Diaspora Investment in Africa

Topics: Diaspora Investment Diaspora Related Affairs
Region: Africa
Client: African Development Bank

DMAG developed a toolkit for African governments to assess the viability of the diaspora investing financially back home and to determine the best approach for attracting this investment.

The Toolkit provides a systematic guide for governments to work through, where the findings and recommendations will form the basis for robust diaspora investment strategies and shed light on what development finance institutions (DFIs), multilateral and bi-lateral agencies can do to support them. It is logical and straightforward in its approach, and available to non-financial experts.

The Toolkit is comprised of:

A - The Diaspora Investment Handbook – Where activities should be worked through chronologically and systematically. 

B - The Diaspora Investment Assessment Template

Diaspora Investment Handbook - 1. What to Expect?
Diaspora Investment Handbook - 2. Guides to Data Collection
Diaspora Investment Handbook - 3. Diaspora Investment Assessment Use and Analysis
Diaspora Investment Handbook - 4. Diaspora Investment Vehicles & Tools to Support Diaspora Investment
Diaspora Investment Handbook - 5. Developing a Roadmap, Evaluation & Practical Examples
The Diaspora Investment Assessment Template