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Subject Matter Expertise


DMAG are experts in the field of remittances. Remittances are generally small (less than $200) payments sent from migrants to their family and friends in their home country. DMAG specialises in analysing and presenting the vital impact of remittances on recipients as well as the overall impact on the development of the receive country. We have gained recognition worldwide for being able to gather and publish remittance prices in order to bring transparency and help reduce prices in line with Sustainable Development Goal 10.c. Through a range of research methodologies including demand-side and supply-side research, DMAG investigates the key uses, challenges and opportunities associated with remittances and identifies catalysts of change. Previous clients have included both the public and private sector, take a look at our ‘projects’ to see some examples of our studies,

Payment Systems

Payment Systems are the networks and infrastructure that facilitate payments. DMAG’s focus is largely on cross-border payment systems, however, we also look at domestic payment systems particularly in reference to interoperability between networks. At DMAG we investigate the effectiveness, availability and security of payment systems that carry the funds from migrants to their family and friends. In recent years we have been paying particular attention to the cost, timescale and reliability of payment systems and pinpointing solutions to improve these systems.

Financial Inclusion

A financially included population is essential for economic development. Having access to practical and affordable financial products leads to the reduction of poverty and increases financial security for the future. DMAG is passionate about developing practical and tangible solutions to increasing financial inclusion around the world. Financial inclusion weaves itself into many aspects of DMAG’s work, particularly when exploring constraints and challenges to the uptake of financial products. The growth of digitalisation has the potential to accelerate the rate of financial inclusion. DMAG’s work on financial inclusion has often centred on identifying public and private sector initiatives which have an emphasis on increasing the awareness, accessibility and uptake of financial products such as mobile money wallets, bank accounts and savings accounts.

Mobile Money & Digitisation

The rise of digitisation, and mobile money in particular, has been one of the great changes in the payment’s world in the last decade. DMAG has developed an expertise in the area having conducted a series of pricing surveys as well as qualitative research into the uptake and impact of digital financial products. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for the increased use of digital solutions. DMAG was able to gain insight into this as a result of a series of surveys and roundtables we conducted during the pandemic. The rise of digitisation is a truly global phenomenon shown through our studies in many African countries as well as Asia and the Pacific. Our ‘projects’ show the range of reports that we have written on the topic.

Diaspora Related Affairs

The international community has begun to understand the crucial role that the diaspora can play in the development of their home country. DMAG looks at the role of the diaspora beyond sending remittances, which includes promoting investment (both direct and indirect), entrepreneurship and education through knowledge transfer. DMAG works with governments to develop strong diaspora engagement strategies to encourage diaspora involvement in the development of their home country. Take a look at the ‘toolkit for understanding diaspora investment’ [link] that DMAG developed to support African governments promote diaspora investment. We have also developed an innovative tool to help countries measure the value that their emigrants and diaspora provide (excluding remittances), more information is here.

Regional Expertise


Europe hosts some of the largest remittance sending countries and so is often a focus of our work. DMA Global has worked with some of the largest public sector stakeholders in Europe to deliver studies focusing on remittance habits and practices from Europe to Africa. Most of our work in Europe centres on addressing the challenges that remittance senders and the diaspora experience when sending financial support to their family and friends back home. DMAG has advised European governments on strategies to improve the regulatory environment for sending remittances as well as developing financial inclusion initiatives to broaden awareness and understanding of remittance senders.


The Middle East and North Africa is a diverse region for remittances, made up of both senders and receivers of remittances. A core element of our work in MENA has been investigating the payments markets in the region, looking at specific infrastructures as well as the customer base. DMAG have also conducted extensive demand-side research with hard-to-reach groups, for example Syrian refugees living in both Germany and Jordan. DMAG has strong networks across the MENA region in both public and private sector entities.

Sub-Saharan Africa

As the most expensive region to send remittances in the world, development of remittance markets in Sub-Saharan Africa are a high priority on the global agenda and a region that DMAG has worked, and continues to work, in extensively. DMAG has gained its knowledge of SSA across our areas of expertise, through experience in 44 countries to date. DMAG has worked with a wide range of clients creating strong stakeholder networks in both the public and private sector across the continent.


Through our regional office in Sydney, Australia, DMAG has developed extensive expertise in the remittances environment across Asia and Pacific Island Countries (PIC). Remittances are a vital source of income for many families in Asia and PIC. DMAG’s skills in the region include conducting demand-side research with remittance-receiving households, offering pre-departure remittance training, and engaging with regional stakeholders. DMAG manages some really exciting ground-breaking initiatives such as the SaverAsia website and mobile app [link to website], which provides migrants in South Asia with financial tools to manage their money, such as a remittance comparison feature, income and expenses calculator, simple instructions on how to open a bank account, finance basics blogs, and where to find local support in their host country. Asia-Pacific is a really exciting region to work in for remittances, and with over 11 years of operating there we have a far-reaching understanding of the landscape.


The Americas region is one of the largest sources and destinations of global remittances funds sent and received and as such is the focus for many institutions in the public and private sector. In the region, DMAG has worked on projects in the region that have focused on assessing the potential for remittance innovation, increasing transparency and efficiency across remittances market, and exploring diaspora engagement and investment to contribute to home country development.

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