DMA Global is a leading international development consultancy whose work makes a difference to migrants and their families around the world in the fields of remittances, financial inclusion and diaspora affairs.

  • Remittances

    DMAG are experts in the field of remittances. Remittances are generally small (less than $200) payments sent from migrants to their family and friends in their home country. DMAG specialises in analysing and presenting the vital impact of remittances on recipients as well as the overall impact on the development of the receive country.

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  • Payment Systems & Financial Inclusion

    A financially included population is essential for economic development. Having access to practical and affordable financial products leads to the reduction of poverty and increases financial security for the future. DMAG is passionate about developing practical and tangible solutions to increasing financial inclusion around the world.

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  • Diaspora Affairs

    The international community has begun to understand the crucial role that the diaspora can play in the development of their home country. DMAG looks at the role of the diaspora beyond sending remittances, which includes promoting investment (both direct and indirect), entrepreneurship and education through knowledge transfer. DMAG works with governments to develop strong diaspora engagement strategies to encourage diaspora involvement in the development of their home country.

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DMAG's global team of over 60 consultants has worked across a range countries and themes

DMAG's global team of over 60 consultants has worked across a range countries

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