The Diaspora Engagement Self-Assessment Tool - DESAT II

Topics: Diaspora Related Affairs Diaspora Engagement
Region: Africa
Clients: African Union GIZ

The objective of DESAT II in 2021 is to build on the work done in 2019 with DESAT I and to invite other Member States to complete the DESAT and review their activities and work in diaspora engagement within a structured framework.

Following on from the completion of the DESAT II, Member States that have been invited to complete the DESAT will be invited to tailored capacity building training. The DESAT will identify areas of relative strengths and weakness and opportunities for peer-to-peer learning across Member States.

Diaspora Engagement Self-Assessment Tool Report - DESAT II
Rapport sur l’Outil d’Auto- évaluation de l’Engagement de la Diaspora