Constraints in the UK to Ghana Remittances Market

Topic: Remittances
Regions: Europe Africa
Client: UK Department for International Development

This report assesses the UK to Ghana remittance corridor, addressing both the UK and Ghanaian regulatory environments, the products and services available on the market and the remittance patterns of the UK-based Ghanaian Diaspora.

Remittances go hand-in-hand with poverty reduction and will continue to be important for Ghana’s development as it makes the transition to a Middle-Income Country.

A primary research study is conducted comprising of interviews with money transfer operators (MTOs) offering a Ghanaian service and a survey of the Ghanaian Diaspora. From this, challenges and opportunities are identified, and a number of recommendations are made to different stakeholders, each with varying associated costs and levels of impact.

Constraints in the UK to Ghana Remittances Market