Published: • Author: Omolayo Nkem Ojo

The Diaspora Engagement Self-Assessment Tool (DESAT II) Training Workshop

Diaspora Engagement

Upon the completion of the 2nd Diaspora Engagement Self-Assessment Toolkit, DMAG led a one week virtual training for participants. 11 Member States completed the toolkit and 31 stakeholders from 20 member states were invited to attend the event. 

The first day covered: an introduction to the DESAT toolkit and how and why it was developed and a training session on the importance of political will and tips on increasing it. 

The 2nd and 3rd days, participants were split into English and Francophone countries to deep dive into: Creating a Diaspora Friendly Environment, Creating an Effective National Diaspora Strategy, The Importance of Consultation Mechanisms, Know Your Diaspora & Outreach, Designing Diaspora Programmes, Including the Diaspora in Humanitarian Response, and Prioritising with Limited Resources & Planning Next Steps

On the final day, everyone came back together to for some country representatives to Share their experiences, success, failures and questions around diaspora engagement, discuss the main take aways from the last three days, and share opportunities for peer-to-peer learnings and availability of technical assistance from the research teams.