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Developing an Online Training Platform for Diaspora Organisations

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Are you a diaspora organisation leader? Do you know any diaspora organisations?

If yes, please help us in spreading the word about a new campaign for diaspora organisations globally – “Join the DOTS (Diaspora Organisation Training Survey)”. Please help us to reach diaspora organisation leaders in all corners of the world and leave no community voice left out.


The survey is also available in French, Spanish and Portugese.

Globally, there are hundreds of thousands diaspora organisations, of all shapes and sizes, across all geographies, providing all types of support. Support - not only to their diaspora members - but often also extending back-home to the countries of origin (through entrepreneurship, mentorship, philanthropy, investment, advocacy, humanitarian response and much more). The diaspora, mobilised through these networks, are important contributors to their host and homeland development.

This role of diaspora organisations is well-understood by the development community. Increasingly diaspora organisations are being recognised as important partners for sustainable development, and development agencies, such as the UN’s International Organisation of Migration (IOM), are committed to strengthening these organisations and helping them to reach their shared goals.

Over the years there have been trainings designed and delivered to support diaspora organisations as and when needed. However, these have often been fragmented and developed on an ad hoc basis and it is not clear how well these are meeting the needs of these organisations.

A free online training platform for diaspora organisations:

In strategic response, IOM is building on what trainings already exist and creating an online platform for diaspora organisations globally to be able to easily access trainings that meet and respond to their specific needs.

To ensure that this online platform has all the tools that diaspora organisations need to build their capacities, IOM is conducting the largest survey ever of diaspora organisations to understand the challenges and constraints the leaders face and what training support they may need to be able to effectively deliver on their goals.

⁠We need your help to ensure all diaspora organisation voices are heard!

Please either take the survey yourself or pass on and encourage diaspora organisation leaders to complete this survey and have their voice heard and with an opportunity to participate in the free online trainings, including a pilot training program.

IOM and their partners have enlisted DMA Global to support them on this endeavour. DMA Global is excited to be delivering on this project as part of its commitment to improving the lives of diasporas; to supporting the positives of migration; and to supporting diasporas to contribute to and support their homeland.


Click here to take the survey in:


DMA Global is an interntional devleopment consulting firm with significant experience in developing toolkits and trainings in the field of diaspora-related affairs (for example in developing a Toolkit for Diaspora Investment, a Self-Assessment Tool and Training on diaspora engagement and in compiling the Contributions and Counting Toolkit for measuring the economic contributions of diaspora beyond remittances). DMAG has been working with diaspora organisations for more than a decade and appreciate and value first-hand the important (and varied) role that diaspora organisations play in bridging and networking these communities, in convening, mobilising, programming, and facilitating communication and dialogue. We recognise that there is a need to support these organisations and networks. Given the focus on these organisations over the last few decades, it is now time to pull together and consolidate the lessons learned so far in this area; the trainings and guides that have already been developed; and the experiences of diaspora organisations and others with regards to what has worked, what hasn’t and when it does.

We are excited to be part of this important project and we hope that you will join us by sharing or taking this survey. Thank you in advance for your support on this worthwhile and timely endeavour.