Critical Next Steps to Achieving SDG 10.c – Leon’s Interview on the Migration & Diaspora Podcast

Remittances Sustainable Development Goals
Leon Isaacs

CEO of DMA Global, Leon Isaacs, was recently featured in an exciting new podcast called The Migration and Diaspora Podcast (TheMDPcast). TheMDPcast was launched by friend of DMA, Loksan Harley, a multi-lingual independent migration expert.  

The podcast episode is available on all major podcast platforms, including Apple PodcastSpotifyStitcher Google Podcasts and likely some minor ones as well. The episode is also available directly on Loksan’s website

Loksan gives a brilliant intro to his episode with Leon, the 4th in the series: 

“Leon is someone I very respectfully refer to as “Mr Remittances”. He really lives and breathes the topic. He’s also one of the best communicators I know, with an incredible ability to explain technical issues in an accessible and engaging way. His blend of public and private sector experiences also gives him a unique and very practical perspective. I was excited to get him on the show because remittances are such a critical aspect of how migration and how migrants can contribute to development. Consciousness of remittances and their importance has grown in recent years, so much so that they have their dedicated SDG Target 10.C, which is to reduce to less than 3% transaction costs of migrant remittances.

In our wide-ranging conversation, we talk about both the big picture and learnings from Leon and DMA’s recent work, including how COVID has impacted remittances, the key remittances challenges facing small and fragile states, diaspora investment, and some of the impacts of new technology. We close with Leon’s take on the three things we need to focus on in order to achieve Target 10.C.

And of course, we managed to slip in a bit of banter about football, since Leon is a passionate fan of Watford FC (well, no one is perfect!).”

Listen to the full episode at any of the links above or by clicking here