DMA Global supports the recognition of International Identity Day & efforts to provide ID for all

people in a village registering for identification, with a biometric image africa on the right side.

We at DMA Global support International Identity Day and SDG Goal 16.9 because ID is vital for people to access basic services such as remittances and formal financial institutions. We stand behind ID4Africa and their coalition partners in their efforts to make September 16th a United Nations recognized day and therefore, raise awareness and generate momentum around this issue.

Goal 16.9 is to “provide legal identity for all, including free birth registrations.”

As countries around the world work towards providing legal identification for all, we want to continue to encourage them to enact proportional Know-Your-Customer requirements so as not to overburden low risk customers. Remittances are a life line for many families and it is important that they are able to send and receive them with minimal hurdles. 

Photo credit: Kieran Ouseb, runner up for ID4Africa's design competition for ID Day 2021.