In-Depth Study into Ghana's Remittance Market Provides Key Insights about Remittance Senders & Receivers

RGF Report findings from Nigeria, UK, Netherlands and USA

Through the RGF and funded by SECO, KPMG commissioned DMA Global to undertake a Ghana remittance market diagnostic on behalf of the Ministry of Finance. The study, a public good research for the benefit of all stakeholders in Ghana's remittance market, is now avInailable for download here.  

This report outlines the findings from the diagnostic carried out by DMA Global. It analyses trends in migration and remittances to Ghana, including total average cost to send, provides an overview of the remittance market structure and summarises via a literature review, similar research of the Ghana remittance market. The report also provides an assessment of Ghana’s remittance policy and regulation, examines policy and project coherence, and summarises discussions with supply side stakeholders on the challenges within the market, customer characteristic and insight sought from remittance consumers. Finally, the report provides an overview of the key findings from demand side research held with both senders and receivers of remittances and makes recommendations on how the remittance market in Ghana can continue to be improved, with specific and targeted recommendations for policy and regulatory reforms. 

The Remittance Grant Facility's press release regarding the report can be found here

The full report can be accessed here